Paris is a sweet little parasaurolophus. She is very loyal to her owner Zoe Drake.


Paris loves to sing and the other chibis Chomp and Ace can get anoyed with that. She is usually sweet,helpless, and harmless in chibi form but at times is a bit bossy. 


Named near-crested lizard is a herbivore of late Cretaceous of North America. At a massive 30 feet,lived in herds of up to 100s of each other. They where named after their wierd crest right on the top of their heads. It is thought that their crest could make musical sounds or calls. It is also thought that the communicated with these calls and ment different things like there is danger near or time to eat.

While the other members of the herd were eating or doing other things that the herd does and can't check for danger alot there was one that was the "watch guard" for danger. When he saw danger they made a musical sound using its crest that told the herd "danger is near" and when the herd knew about the news the whole herd would start to run away from the predator. Without this system the parasaurolophus would not be as sucessful as they were. Parasaurolophus is one of the few species of dinosaur that can communicate with other members of its species.