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Ace Battle Mode

Ace is a carnotaurus and is loyal to his owner, Rex Owen.He is also rambugshous and playful. He is the only carnivore of  the D-Team's dinosaurs. He was first seen in episode 2  when Rex summoned him to help battle the Alpha Gangs 2 dinosaurs. This was also the first time we see the move card "Cyclone" when he uses it against Spiny. Ace also has a chibi form seen in maybe every episode in both seasons of the Anime


The carnotaurus is a carnivore of South America where it was first excavated. It was named after its bull-like horns on its head. In fact,it's name means "meat-eating bull". It also had the shortest arms of any dinosaur.

It lived around and hunted dinosaurs like saltsaurus and nodosaurus. It lived right at the end of the cretaeous period    and it's species was wiped out by the astroid along with many other species in North and

South America.